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Rayleigh Instruments Limited


Rayleigh Instruments Limited was established in 1964. The business of the company is to supply to industry a wide range of control, instrumentation and relay products.

Our Range of Products

Our product portfolio comprises distributed goods and in-house manufactured products. We are also the exclusive UK distributor for a number of prominent manufacturers in Germany, Italy, India, China and the United States.

Our product range includes:-

Electrical Instrumentation and Control

  • Analogue, digital and bargraph instruments
  • Electrical transducers, voltage and current transformers
  • Kilowatt hour meters
  • Multi-function power monitors
  • Earth leakage relays
  • Measuring relays: current, voltage powerfactor, load, frequency, speed
  • Timing relays
  • Easywire metering system
  • Rayleighconnect remote monitoring and control software

Safety Products

  • Safety relays: emergency stop, two handed, protective gate, safety timers
  • Light curtains
  • Coded, magnetic, safety interlock switches

Rotational Measurement and Control

  • Shaft encoders: incremental, absolute and linear
  • Proximity sensors: inductive, capacitive, optical, magnetic and ultrasonic
  • DC Tachogenerators
  • Tachometer – analogue and digital
  • Speed Controllers
  • Motorised potentiometer and gearboxes

Temperature and Pressure Products

  • Thermostat – mechanical and electronic
  • Temperature transmitters and indicators
  • Pressure transmitters and transducers
  • Differential pressure transmitters
  • Pressure switches: pressure indicators
  • Ex-proof – temperature and pressure products

In-House Manufacture

The Company markets products manufactured in-house by the Raytel Group. The range includes:

  • Multi stage electronic thermostats (railways)
  • Passenger operated pushbuttons (railways)
  • Door control interface system (railways)
  • Electronic control system and products (railways)
  • Ex-proof electronic thermostats
  • Electronic control system and products

Client Services

An expanding area of our business activity is the provision of special control/instrumentation equipment to client specification. We are well positioned to do this by virtue of our many years of experience in the general control and instrumentation field coupled to the electronic design expertise of the Development, Design and Manufacturing Department of the Raytel Group. A particular area of specification is the Railway Industry where we have business links going back many years. The considerable experience gained from this and other areas of work enable us to offer the following services:

  • The development of a “niche” product for which the clients sees a personal need/wider market potential.
  • The development of a product or control arrangements to modernise an existing control process.
  • The development of a product which the client needs but finds difficult or expensive to procure.


Quality Policy

Our Aims

Our Vision :

To be recognised as a world leader in the energy monitoring industry, by providing innovative solutions that enable our customers to gain commercial advantage.

Our Mission :

To offer our customers top quality competitively priced products and systems, with the best possible technical and customer support.

As well as offering a wide range of standard items from stock, we can also provide bespoke solutions through our design team which can help our customers gain advantage over their competitors.

We want our customers, and potential new customers, to feel as though they are receiving the best possible care, attention, and experience when making contact with us. We aim to do this by focusing all staff on how to handle enquiries professionally and efficiently in a way that satisfies or even exceeds our customers’ expectations.

We believe that the above words outline our commitment, not only to our own business growth, but also to our customers’ so that we can all work together to our mutual benefit well into the future.

Our Values


  • Deliver what we promise
  • Be Trustworthy
  • Compete fairly
  • Do not improperly influence others or let them improperly influence us
  • Be honest


  • Take pride in what we make and do
  • Have complete focus on ensuring total customer satisfaction
  • Act with a sense of urgency
  • Achieve excellence by taking responsibility for getting it right
  • Take ownership for getting it done


  • Treat others with respect
  • Utilise the talents of our team
  • Strengthen our team by training and recruiting the best
  • Collaborate with employees, suppliers and customers
  • Earn trust of others


  • Be committed to Rayleigh Instruments success
  • Protect the health and safety of others and ourselves
  • Are personally accountable to reach our goals
  • Insist on the highest standards


  • Prevent waste by minimising the use of materials, energy and water
  • Minimise the impact of our business on communities and the environment
  • Develop better systems that integrate and optimise resources and reduce our environmental impact
  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations, and expect that our suppliers to do the same

Full statement and business manual available on request.

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Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015

Rayleigh Instruments Limited
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The Raytel Group Limited
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Raytel Production
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